Spacer bars

Separating two glasses panes in a double glazing unit.

A spacer bar, sometimes known as a profile, is the continuous hollow frame which separates the two glass panes in a . double glazing window

The spacer bar is bonded to the glass panes via a primary and secondary seal, creating an airtight cavity which is filled with air or gas. The spacer bar itself is filled with a desiccant to absorb any residual moisture within the cavity and thus prevent condensation within the double glazing window. Spacer bars are an important contributor to a double glazing window’s energy ratings. They are typically made of aluminium, or a low heat-conductive material (known as a warm-edge spacer).

A good thermal insulation glass.

Aluminium spacer bars are currently the most commonly used in double glazing window. Light but strong, their flexibility means that they can be formed into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Less expensive than warm edge spacers they are, however, less effective in insulating against heat loss than warm edge spacer bars.

The best thermal insulation glass.

Low E windows with the highest performing double glazing window energy ratings use a combination of Low E glass, warm edge spacers and argon gas-filled cavity.
Warm edge (or thermal break) spacers reduce the heat lost around the perimeter of a double glazing window by replacing conventional aluminium with a low heat-conductive material. Some double glazing window can provide nearly 1,000 times more thermal insulation than aluminium spacer bars, improving the energy efficiency of Low E windows by 40 to 50%.
As with aluminium, thermal break spacer bars are filled with a silicone desiccant to absorb any moisture within the double glazing window and can contain dry air or gas-filled cavities. Thermal break spacer bars further reduce condensation on the room-facing surface of the double glazing window as they transmit less of a temperature difference to the interior pane.
Warm edge spacer bars have the same geometrical form as a metal spacer bar, but are usually made from a fibre-glass reinforced insulation material. An ultra-thin foil lining acts as a barrier to the gas or air trapped within the cavity. Some warm edge spacers are available in an array of different colours and can be used for Georgian-style double glazing window.

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