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With Self Cleaning Glass you can forget to clean your windows forever

Double glazing window cleaning can be a time-consuming, costly and environmentally polluting process. Difficult to reach areas - such as glass roofs, upper windows and conservatories can even be dangerous to clean. The latest developments in selfcleaning glass mean that windows can now be kept clean all year round, with minimum maintenance, even in areas of high pollution.

How does it work?

Self cleaning glass, or easy clean glass, has a transparent coating which works in two ways to break down dirt and spread water evenly across the surface. The special coating, which is a applied online during the making of the float glass, is both photocatalyic (reacts with UV rays) and hydrophilic (water-loving). The self cleaning glass coating reacts with the sun’s rays to break down dirt and grime which form on the outside of the double glazing windows. When it rains, the decomposed dirt naturally just rinses away. As the surface is also hydrophilic it attracts water over its entire surface so rain forms a sheet of water over the glass, rather than droplets which can make rain marks. If there is no rain, a simple hose down or rinse with clean soft water is sufficient to activate the selfcleaning mechanism.

Important Points for Maintenance and Installation

- Due to the composition of self-cleaning glass, non silicon joints must be used and the self-cleaning glass should not come into any contact with silicon objects as they will damage the efficiency of the special coating,
Sharp objects and abrasive substances should not be used to remove stubborn dirt on easy clean windows as they can damage the coating. If manual cleaning is required, warm soapy water or standard window cleaning products should be used with a soft, clean cloth or sponge as these will not in any way damage the coating.
Self cleaning glass must be installed in an upright or sloping position of at least 15 degrees to the vertical, to allow water to naturally run down the surface and wash away the broken down dirt.
The self-cleaning coating of the double glazing window should be installed on face 1 – the exterior of the outside facing pane. (See double glazing units)
Visual of four faces of a double glazing window with easy clean glass on face 1


Some self cleaning glasses can be used in conjunction with Low E and solar protection glasses for maximum comfort. They can also be laminated for security or combined with a soundproofing acoustic interlayer. See Which Glass Combination for more possibilities.

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