Choosing your windows

Which properties for the best thermal insulation glass and windows?

With new legislation to reduce energy consumption being introduced, Thermal insulation glass has become the norm - but the latest advances in double glazing window mean that countless combinations of solutions for comfort, security and design are possible. For conservatories for example, selfcleaning glass can be combined with solar control glass for an easy to maintain solution which avoids excess heat build up in the summer.
Below is a table of possible double glazing window combinations possible with Low E glass and up to four other special performance features:

Glazing Combinations


Performance Level





Thermal insulation glass(Low E) X X X X X X X X X X
Solar Protection   X       X X     X
Sound Insulation     X     X   X   X
Easy-Cleaming       X       X X X
Enhanced Security         X   X   X X

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