Choosing your windows

Maintenance free frames.

The most widely used material for window frames in recent years is hard PVC (sometimes referred to as PVC-U or UPVC). PVC frames are usually the lowest cost option, yet they provide excellent insulation and require little or no maintenance. White PVC is no longer the only option and a variety of different colours and finishes can be found, including ‘woodgrain’.

PVC frames are not as strong as metal or wood frames and can suffer from expansion under strong sunlight. When extra resistance is needed they can be reinforced with galvanised steel but this will reduce the double glazing window’s thermal efficiency.

Today, a home improvment project is the replacement of standard windows with more modern double glazing window. Some of the advantages to this are that they are less susceptible to condensation on the windows; they are more energy efficient, cutting down on high heating costs.

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