Building regulations

Conservatory construction is exempt from Building Regulations if all of the following criteria are met :

  • The conservatory covers an area of less than 30 m2
  • It does not exceed a total volume of 50-70m3 (depending on the property's allowed limit)
  • It is at ground level
  • Its glazing conforms with safety glazing requirements.
  • The conservatory roof comprises at least 75% glazing
  • The conservatory wall are at least 50% glazed
  • Any heating installation must have their own separate temperature controls
  • There are no drainage facilities - such as for a kitchen or bathroom
  • It is no closer than 2m to the property's boundary.
  • It does not increase the volume of the house by more than 10% for a terraced house, or by 15% for semi-detached houses.

For more information visit building regulations

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