Conservatory frame materials

Conservatory frame materials can be chosen from hardwood timber, PVC or aluminium – all of which can be found in several colours and finishes in addition to the standard white.

PVC frames

PVC is popular material for conservatory frames. It requires very little maintenance, never needs painting and will not fade in the sun. PVC has excellent insulation properties but it needs to be reinforced and have a reasonable thickness to ensure structural integrity. The minimum thickness should be 55mm, and possibly up to 80 mm if it is supporting a glass roof

Aluminium frames

Aluminium frames for conservatories are another low maintenance choice and their strength makes them ideal for supporting roofs. If they are used, they should preferably incorporate thermal breaks to improve insulation.

Timber frames

Timber frames can be used to give conservatories a traditional or natural look. The types of timber that can be used are similar to those often found in wooden frames for double glazing units. Although modern manufacturing processes mean that timber frames are very durable, they do require regular maintenance. As with window frames, the wood needs to have been properly dried or weathered before construction to prevent distortion. Different types of hardwood need to be treated and maintained in different ways, otherwise they can be damaged - so check for information on the paints or finishes that need to be used for your choice of wood

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