Choosing your conservatory design

A conservatory is an excellent way of adding value to a home and creating a new indoor/outdoor space which can be enjoyed all year round. Whether you are planning a greenhouse-style structure or a larger conservatory as an extra living area, several factors need to be explored when choosing your design and style.

When selecting your design, consider how it will complement the architecture of your home – is it symmetrical, ornate, modern…? Just as important is the function for which the conservatory will be used – as an extension of the living room, a dining room? Finally the size and shape – what furnishings will it need to accommodate, what space is available and what will best suit the shape of the house?

A browse through a conservatory brochure will most likely reveal Victorian, Edwardian and Traditional styles. Victorian conservatory often has three sections with a bow front and are fairly ornate. Edwardian conservatories tend to be square or rectangular and as their name suggests, echo the symmetrical architecture found in Edwardian houses. Traditional styles have a simpler, modern design. Whatever style you choose, different shapes are available too, such as rectangular, ‘T’ shape or ‘P’ shape.

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