Noise and thermal insulation

Avoid moisture with hermetically sealed double glazing window

If a double glazing window is not hermetically sealed, moisture from the air can penetrate air gap between the two panes of the double glazing window.

This means that condensation or cloudiness will build up inside the cavity - and in addition the double glazing window will loose energy efficiency. This type of problem can be the sign of a double glazing window that needs to be replaced.

This is usually due to the age of the double glazing window or wear and tear on the seal accelerated by strong contrasts of temperature throughout the year.

In understanding the problem of condensation that occurs between double glazing window, keep in mind that the role of the desiccant is to absorb any excess moisture in the original air or gas in the sealed space between the panes at the time of window assembly.

If improper assembly or improper window installation causes the double glazing window seal to leak, allowing new moist air to enter the glass space, the desiccant will eventually be overwhelmed and foggy condensation can appear on the interior of the glass.

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