Noise and thermal insulation

Having the best natural daylight through your windows.

Double glazing windows, especially those with special coatings such as for Low E energy saving windows, clean, can have a hazy or tinted appearance. This will mean less natural daylight can enter the room and Georgian bars or white curtains can look yellow or brown.

These effects are generally caused when the thermal insulation glass has been manufactured using an online coating process. The metallic layers applied by online coating are thicker than those that can be achieved with an offline coating process. This can give rise to the tinted looking appearance of some windows. The other main problem with the online coating process is that it can cause small indentations on the surface of the glass before it sets. This in turn gives rise to a hazy or dusty looking appearance on the surface of windows.

To reduce tinting and haze, try to ensure when selecting double glazing windows (especially Low E), that they have been manufactured using an offline coating process

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