Replacement Windows

Thermal insulation and window replacement of sash windows.

Sash windows are formed by one or two movable glazed panels which open by sliding vertically. The panels are held in place and balanced by a system of weights, cords and pulleys. Some sash windows also incorporate Georgian window panelling. Old timber sash windows have a tendency to rattle and offer poor insulation. Frame shrinkage and distortion can be other problems if the wood is not correctly maintained.

For a window replacement modern sash windows, which can be found in timber or PVC versions, replicate the look of traditional sash windows and can even have weights and pulleys. They have the advantage of smooth-running parts and double glazing for insulation. PVC is a much lower maintenance replacement solution for sash windows and some manufacturers offer them with a range of hi-tech double glazing options, such as Low E and self-cleaning features..

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